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Waterside Cancer Support Centre by Oyster Financial Planning

Today we presented a cheque for £6,200 to The Waterside Cancer support Centre from our recent annual Charity Golf Day which took place in July. This has raised the total donated to the centre just over £25,000 in the last 6 years. Thank you to all who came to present the cheque which included volunteers from the centre and sponsors. These were Michael Osman, Donna Osman, Lisa Elkins, Ann Macdonald, Justine Harnett, Clodagh O’Connor, Katrina Dearden, Karen Gemmell, Mo Organ, Sue Newman, Sue Burton, Sheila Langley, David Richardson, Judith Turner & Simon Chadwick.
A huge thank you to sponsors who continue to support us each year which included us Michael & Donna Osman of Oyster Financial Planning, Warren Burch at Sea Mariner, Martin at The Lovely Little Café, Chris at Christopher Hoare Tree Surgeons, Shaun at Holbury Tool Hire, Mark & Angela at Ebeneezers, Habib at Be Be’s Café, Harry Hunter Window Cleaning, Nick at Langley Arb, Hampshire Window Services, Rob Watkins Builders, Chris & Julie Hall at The Langley Tavern, Brendan & Stu at Home Projects Solutions, Kevin Cull at Brooks Macdonald, Nigel Gemmell @ Dawkins & Lodge, Sean & Theresa at Sherlock Screeding, Dan, Tom & Co at Braodsword Projects, Tony at Anthony James Properties, Ryan & Claire at The Travelers Rest, Waterside Network Group, Benny Carr at ABG,Taddy at Forestside Construction, Dave & Clo Carr & Karien & Sol Reed.
Thank you also to all that donated raffle & auction prizes which included
Oyster Financial Planning, John Wilde at Victoria Park Glamping, Tom Hawkins at Old Mutual,  Amalfi, Steve Hurst, Steve Wosley, Jen Bekker, Lucy Richmond, MY Time Golf, Ben Maguire, Portofinos, Marine Seventeen, Jerry Still, Seashells, Ice Cleaning, Hythe Garage, Jack N Grills, Lorna Moore at Age Repair, Rachael Jones, Sandras Florist, The Herld & Simon Chadwick.
Without the generosity each year from everyone we would not be able to achieve what we have, not just for the Cancer Support Centre but for other charities all in our postcode. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED.

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