Utility Arboriculture

Utility Arboriculture – across the Electrical Utility sector

Langley Arb is committed to the Utility Arboriculture Sector with continuous investment in our professional UA5 Surveyors and NPTC CS Series qualified tree teams working to BS3998 2010. We have our own in house training team. Together, we provide outstanding customer service, cutting vegetation in a safe and efficient manner using the latest equipment and technology.

We have extensive knowledge in providing vegetation management across the entire Electrical Utility sector. We are currently working direct for Scottish and Southern Electric Power Distribution in Oxfordshire and Berkshire on the 11kv, 33kv and 132kv network. Over the last 7 years we have worked for various DNO (Distribution Network Operators) to ensure that ESQCR (Electricity, Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2006) compliance.

Langley Arb aims to achieve optimum clearance in-line with Energy Networks Technical Specification (ENATS) 43-8. We also have our own SAPs (Senior Authorised Persons) who are qualified to carry out switching and generating of power working with us to reduce customer minutes in shutdowns but where possible we use our skilled workforce and experience to minimise power outages.

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